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Depth Charge™ is for the Bass Player!  This pedal has a THICK bass tone with plenty of gain and blending abilities.  Go from clean to mean.  Has sonic clone similarities to the Maestro Brassmaster. Order online!


Jeff of NYC Metal Band: Scalp Them demoing the Depth Charge!

Part One

Part Two

"As most gain geeks know, the key to a properly distorted bass tone is blending the clean signal with the distorted signal.  Prescription Electronics is no stranger to overdrive; the company is famous for its Experience and Yardbox guitar stomp boxes.  ...combines full-force bass fuzz with blendable clean and mean.  This analog-powered gem sounds very similar to the coveted 1970's Maestro Bass Brassmaster box.  The Depth Charge is one thick-sounding pedal.  Four controls unleash this well-built box's fury:  volume, blend, gain and tone.  Its grind isn't of the full-bore, King's X distortion variety; think '60s fuzz meets ear-melting splat.  We also detected a hint of upper octave in its tone, which further enhances the beef.  Warning: This box isn't for cruise-ships gigs or wedding bands." - Bass Player Magazine

"I can't even come close to describing the sublime nature of this pedal. The tone is very retro. (Past reviews have compared this pedal to the Maestro Brassmaster.) They are right on. Most old fuzz pedals try to make your guitar or bass sound like a horn section, and that's exactly what the Depth Charge does. It's a very cool sound, and it just kills! Just push your favorite axe through this baby and some hot tubes and they will have no chance!" - Anonymous (Harmony Central)

"Awesome! Thick and loud! I have an 81' Gibson Flying V Bass...not the thickest of tones. Running it through an Ampeg Limited Edition SVT head and an 8x10 cab. The Depth Charge added a ton of fat tone, attack and (just the right amount) of FUZZ!!! Tone freaks might say it's noisy but I think it rocks. Can't wait to record with it." - Ref (Harmony Central)


"Well last night I did something I never thought I would: I brought a new pedal to a gig before testing it out at rehearsal beforehand. All I can say is WOW, this thing kills in a band mix! I used it for a few extra passages than normal, what a great bass fuzz. Thanks!" - Adrian S.