Home Gear Experience™

THE Experience™ is the most beloved, awarded and reviewed pedal in our arsenal of effects.  Its three modes: fuzz, octave and 'swell' (which creates a backwards tape effect) combine to recreate some of the best classic tones for your sound and pedalboard.  Rated a "must have" by Guitar Player Magazine, the Experience is the best octave/fuzz available.  Anywhere.  Period.


NOTE: Currently, THE Experience™ does NOT come with LED lights. It is a completely "hand-wired" pedal and comes EXACTLY like it was reviewed in the Guitar Player Magazine review.


"This explosive little stomp box packs the coolest fuzz, octave, and swell effects on the planet.  An absolute must for anyone who thrives on vintage distortion and custom paint." - Guitar Player Magazine
"It's not often that a new fuzzbox comes along that makes you want to do the amp dance, but the Experience is the best thing to happen to mosquito tone in decades.  This unit offers fuzz, octave, and swell, and features handwired discrete-transistor circuitry." - Guitar Player Magazine
"Prescription Electronics' Experience redefines "heavy."  Even at low settings, power chords sustained forever.  Its distortion is euphonious, its tone control wide-sweeping, and it also has a "swell" switch for bowed and quasi backwards effects. - Musician Magazine
"The Experience Pedal is the closest thing you'll find to a retro multi-effects device, incorporating Fuzz, Octave and Swell functions that are mixable and separately selectable.  The Fuzz and Octave modes are both excellent, and the Swell mode can make your guitar sound like a tape played backwards!" - Guitar World Magazine